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Offering Senior Home Care Services, We Believe Seniors are Happiest at Home.

Seniors are happiest in the comfort of their own homes. Home Care for the 21st Century provides senior home care services and matches you with the perfect caregiver.
Our attentive and caring staff will be sure to provide a pleasant experience for you and your loved ones.
We are passionate about senior home care, making a real connection, and offering world-class level of care and services.

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Senior Home Care Services from the 21st Century

Please note that not all locations offer all of these services. Contact your local provider for more information.

Innovation is the 21st Century Difference

Combat Coronavirus with Home Care for the 21st Century

Home Care for the 21st Century is dedicated to monitoring and screening patients under investigation for the Coronavirus through the use of innovative wireless technology harmoniously paired with cutting edge telehealth solutions.
Our HIPAA compliant telehealth solution runs perfectly on a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.
Here are some of the features of our innovative telehealth solution.
  • Screen and monitor Persons Under Investigation (PUIs).
  • Prompt patients to answer tailored, daily, health survey questions to identify red flags.
  • Live video calling and ability to video conference multiple parties including physicians, specialists, and concerned family members.
  • Records vitals such as BP, temperature, pulse oximetry, weight, and blood sugar.
  • Capture and share photos.
  • Educational videos (pre-recorded and live).
  • Reminders and Alerts for compliance.

Telehealth Monitoring

Our Remote Care Coordinators (RCC) provide face-to-face, video chat interactions with your patients to monitor and assist in adherence and reducing readmissions, while improving clinical patient outcomes. With the ability to visually record patient vitals, assess patient needs for medication refills, food, transportation to medical appointments, and social interactions, our coordinators develop personalized patient care with established protocols. Available 24/7, RCC’s cover the extended hours and weekends when staffing from Home Health is typically limited. Connected Home Living patients thrive with more attention and interaction, and their satisfaction scores prove it!

Weekend Tuck-in Program

Home Care for the 21st Century’s Weekend Tuck-in Program is unique to the industry. Our Remote Care Coordinators (RCC’s) pay special attention to the patients’ needs for the upcoming weekends, when often, home health care providers have reduced patient care loads. Each patient is contacted prior to the weekend to confirm that they have supplies, medications, food, necessary transportation and an understanding of what they need to do, to transition the weekend without incident. Patient care is continuing regardless of the time, or day of the week. The results of this program are higher satisfaction scores, fewer readmissions, with an improved quality at a lower cost.
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Your Care Team from the 21st Century

Your loved ones deserve the absolute best. To ensure a perfect fit, each 21st Century caregiver is carefully screened, interviewed, and selected for their experience, in addition to their passion and desire to make people's lives better.
Daily activities from grocery shopping, preparing meals, and healthy outdoor activities to medication reminders and companionship, Home Care for the 21st Century caregivers make it possible for seniors to gain a sense of independence and improve their quality of life in their own home.
Our care team is available 24/7. If for any reason your favorite caregiver is not available, we will quickly pair you up with another attentive and compassionate caregiver who is dedicated to providing world-class service to you in your home.

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