Companion Care

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• Medication reminders/observation
• Social Engagement
• Special Diet/Meal Preparation
• Light exercise monitoring
• Companionship
• Family Respite Care
• Recreational/Hobby Activities
• Light housekeeping
• Errands and shopping
• Reading email or letters
• Overseeing home deliveries
• Transportation services
• Changing linens
• Laundry and ironing
• Organizing closets
• Care of house plants
• Pet Care
• and much more.

Companion Care in Allen, TX

Home Care for the 21st Century Allen, Texas understands that at one point along our journey, our loved ones may need help from a friend with simple daily activities and routines. We offer companion care in Allen, TX, and are dedicated to creating a calm and comfortable environment within your home as we help your seniors with daily routines and activities. Our companions are there to provide a lending hand and become that special someone they feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and stories with.

Social circles tend to get smaller as we get older. We know that the feeling of loneliness is the number one cause of depression in seniors today. It is our goal at Home Care for the 21st Century Allen, Texas to provide top class companion care in Allen, Texas that encourages socialization which can spark a renewed sense of purpose, new social connections, and sense of fulfillment for your loved one. Home Care for the 21st Century Allen, Texas will always be there with patience and understanding as a trusted friend that is committed to developing a real connection that lasts a lifetime.

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Our Companion Care Services

Wellness and happiness of your senior is our top priority. Our companion care program was thoughtfully designed to provide you with someone who transforms your home into an inspiring environment, allowing your aging seniors to continue doing what they love with a caring companion by their side to share these moments.

Our companions are matched to share some of the same interests and often times will motivate your loved one to partake in regular activities and routines again as they previously did. Everyday activities and routines such as cooking meals, grocery shopping, or watching TV bring more joy when you have someone to share the moment with!

We believe your loved ones should maintain their independence and feel comfortable in their home as they age, immersed in a caring and nurturing environment which stimulates feelings of belonging, purpose, and normalcy.

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