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CDC Recommends Telehealth for the Screening and Management of Influenza and Coronavirus (COVID -19)

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) released a statement recommending telehealth services to assist healthcare professionals in the care of patients affected by COVID – 19.

We Can Screen and Monitor Persons Under Investigation (PUIs) using:

HIPAA compliant Telehealth solution that runs on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

  • Screen and monitor Persons Under Investigation (PUIs)
  • Prompt patients to answer tailored, daily,health survey questions to identify red flags.
  • Live video calling and ability to video conference multiple parties including physicians, specialists, and concerned family members.
  • Records vitals such as BP, temperature, pulse oximetry, weight, and blood sugar.
  • Capture and share photos.
  • Educational videos (pre-recorded and live).
  • Reminders and Alerts for compliance.

  • 24/7 live Remote Care Coordinators, specially trained to monitor for COVID-19

  • Support your staff with 24/7 Medical concierge services to physicians, medical facilities, and staff.
  • Constant Monitoring of results generated by the telehealth platform
  • Proactive calls (up to several calls per day)
  • Respond to symptom or vital sign alerts and inquiries
  • Engage physicians and clinicians based on pre-defined protocols
  • Provide social support and reassurance to socially isolated patients
  • Coordinate Social Determinants such as:
  • Medication Delivery
  • Ensure completion of Specimen Collection (swab or blood drawn) to
  • Food & Supply replenishment
  • Transport if needed
  • Objective and subjective data & reports will be provided to authorized contacts at the CDC, local and state health departments, and physicians. Integrating a turn-key telehealth solution into the patient clinical pathways minimizes the risk of unnecessary contact between patients, care providers and the rest of the population, and enables patients to recover and treated at home.

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