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Home Care for the 21st Century - Lawrenceville

We are a Home Care Agency in

Lawrenceville, GA

You'll Love Our Home Care Services

We are a home care agency that is dedicated to delivering exceptional quality care and making sure all of your loved one's safety and personal care needs are met. Home Care for the 21st Century is not only forward thinking, but we focus on the little things that make all the difference.

Our Warm and Compassionate Caregivers Will Be By Your Side Through Your Care Journey

Our Family at Home Care for the 21st Century is passionate about helping aging seniors continue daily activities that bring them joy and create a source of inspiration to always look forward to new experiences. Our nurturing and supportive caregivers are committed to providing compassionate care to your loved one so they can get the most out of life from the comfort of home.
To ensure a perfect fit, each 21st Century caregiver is carefully screened, interviewed and selected for their experience, in addition to their passion and desire to make people's lives better. To fulfill our commitment to enhance the quality of life, we love participating in daily activities such as outdoor walks, gardening or other social activities that bring happiness and stimulates creativity for your loved one. We are grateful for the opportunity to be there every step of the way for you. Our care team is available 24/7 and we are always here to help. If for any reason your favorite caregiver is not available, we will perfectly pair you up with another attentive and compassionate caregiver who is committed to delivering the same world-class service matched to your personal interests. We are here whenever your need us.

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Senior Home Care Services from the 21st Century

Please note that not all locations offer all of these services. Contact your local provider for more information.

our first priority is to make your loved ones feel comfortable and cared for in their own home

We provide personalized care plans and service offerings to tailor them to your needs. We separate ourselves from other home care agencies in
Lawrenceville, GA
by providing the following:

Schedule Flexibility

We fill in the gaps. When you or family members can’t assist or need respite, we are here to help. We are flexible with all schedule types and adjust to what you need. We are here to cater to you and your loved one.

Supervision of Care

We monitor each caregiver to ensure that they are delivering the appropriate quality of care, per our company’s mission and goals. Caregivers are monitored diligently and efficiently, on a consistent and regular basis.

Free In-Home Care Assessment

We offer a free in-home care assessment that allows us to analyze and then give suggestions for the best options that fit your needs.

Low Minimum Hours

Our caregivers are available, whether it’s an hour, an as-needed basis, or a 24/7 basis. If you need us, we are there, no matter what.

All Caregivers are Bonded, Licensed, and Insured

Our caregivers are our employees. The agency is licensed by the State of
. Rest easy knowing that your loved one is under the care of a qualified, trusted, and supervised home caregiver. Our insurance will protect any losses that may happen in your house, whether it is your personal property or work accidents.

Training and Continuing Education

Home Care for the 21st Century is constantly advancing and changing. We strive to stay up-to-date on the latest and most helpful items surfacing in the industry. Our ongoing education helps our caregivers to stay updated and informed, allowing them to offer your loved one the latest and greatest in the home care business.

Our Hiring Process

Our caregivers are put through rigorous interviews and required to pass a full criminal background check. We ensure that each caregiver we hire will represent the entirety of our agency’s values and expectations.

24/7 On-Call

We answer the phone around-the-clock. If a caregiver is unable to attend a shift, we take care of finding a replacement so there is no interruption in your service.

How Do I Pay for These Services?

We accept the following payors:
  • Private Pay
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Some Life Insurance Policies offer Healthcare Benefits

About Us

When it comes to selecting in-home care for your loved one, you may find it challenging to make the right choice. As a family member, you want to be assured that your loved one is receiving the highest quality care possible.
You don't need to worry about their safety or the quality of care while they are in care. It is the mission of
Home Care for the 21st Century - Lawrenceville
to provide exceptional high-quality care to the elderly and the sick in their homes as a premier provider of in-home care. We understand that every client has unique needs, so we make sure to cater to those needs.
Home Care for the 21st Century - Lawrenceville
understands this need, which is why we established our company. Our team offers friendly, responsive services right in your neighborhood.
We believe every family in the area deserves personalized, compassionate care at home.
Alyssa Johnson, RN. DON.
Alyssa Johnson, RN. DON.

Meet Our Director of Nursing

Meet Alyssa Johnson our DON. Get to know a little bit about her from the questions and answers below!

Alyssa Johnson

Experience and specialties: 20 years of Registered Nursing services. Starting as a hospital staff RN on a telemetry unit, specializing in heart attacks, strokes, and arrythmias. Then moving on to home health providing care to the elderly population in the field as a visiting nurse as well as a branch director. I’ve also worked in family practice clinics, providing care to a wide range of ages in the community as the clinical nursing supervisor.

Experienced in: Preop/Pacu registered nursing, specializing in advanced urology procedures. Also served as an Area Executive of Clinical Operations providing care for those on hospice and palliative care. My passion is providing great care to all in the community. It’s extremely important to me to provide reliable, individualized, and quality care as a nurse.

What are you most excited about while working for Home Care for the 21st Century?

I am most excited about bringing this level of care to the community. I look forward to expanding the knowledge base of home care and the services we can provide. Many are unaware of how helpful and resourceful home care services are. The level of stability and comfort that so many people deserve, and need are within home care services. I am looking forward to spreading the word and services in this area!

How do you exceed client expectations?

By giving my undivided attention with each encounter, as well as, dedicating and shaping the care provided around their needs and who they are as a person, not just the disease process. Also, by creating a great work and learning environment for my team. The better I take care of my team, the better my team and I can take care of our clients.

A little something fun about me:

I thoroughly enjoy being outdoors. I grew up in California where the beach was 45 minutes away, the lake or mountains were 30 minutes away, the desert an hour away with something interesting to do all year long. Camping, staying up in the mountains in a cabin, beach bonfires, family picnics in the best parks, amusement park rides and waterslides, fishing at the lake, and more! I still enjoy all of that now with my family and friends. The best place to be is sitting on the beach with my sister or nestled on a cabin couch with my family, on a cold night, in Blue Ridge. That’s where you’ll find me!

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We Are a Compassionate Home Care Agency in

Lawrenceville, GA

, and Here Are the Areas We Service

Home Care for the 21st Century - Lawrenceville
team is a home care agency in
Lawrenceville, GA
, and is available 24/7 for your personal and companion home care needs.
We are able to bring our excellent and attentive home care services to these local communities in

Innovation is the 21st Century Difference

Combat Coronavirus with Home Care for the 21st Century's Telehealth Solutions

During this coronavirus pandemic, the CDC has recommended Telehealth for screening and the management of Influenza and Coronavirus.
Our home care agency in
Lawrenceville, GA
offers state-of-the-art telehealth services that are HIPAA compliant that runs on a smartphone, tablet, or computer.


We are always seeking compassionate, qualified caregivers to join our home care agency in
Lawrenceville, GA
Home Care for the 21st Century - Lawrenceville
is dedicated to world class in-home health care services for seniors. Making a meaningful connection and impact for seniors is what motivates us to provide excellent attentive caregivers that can truly make a difference in people's lives.
(470) 365-0257
or email us at
for more information about our employment opportunities.