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Things to Consider with Your Aging Parents

Caring for aging parents’ emotions is an ethical responsibility that can be a little hard on some adult children especially with their busy day-to-day life. If you have elderly parents and their physical and mental health declining here is some advice to consider while taking a role in this stage of their life to be there for them.

Elder parents need special care and attention, you might not be able to understand some of their needs because of their sensitivity when they are dealing with others. They might feel lonely, bored, or sad. Since they can’t do things they used to do by themselves, they might feel a burden on people around them, that’s why you need to prove   the opposite through kindness, empathy, and finding whatever they like.

Make them feel important, spending time with them will help you understand what makes them feel happy. Asking them for opinion or advice in some way will make them feel they have a role in your life and what they are thinking about is important. Remember they have more experience in life and they might have foresight in matters.

Be their friend, listen to their complaints, try to get rid of things that annoy them. Do things together, such as watching TV, reading, eating, or having coffee.

Be patient when you are doing things with them, a lot of elderly might forget things easily or they might have mobility issues. Remind yourself to treat them with love and empathy, find excuses to their reactions, and make them feel comfortable and safe.

Smile at their faces, make them feel they are a reason for your happiness. Share the nice memories with them and thank them for everything they have done for you.

You might be so busy with your daily life routine (work, family, distance...etc.) and it's difficult for you to be with your aging parents or have quality time with them, at Home Care for the 21stCentury we have compassionate caregivers who can take care of your loved ones and provide them with the care and attention, and give you a peace of mind.